Welcome to our Short Funny Skits page. We will be posting these straight on this page until there are too many to keep organized and then we will move them to PDF files where you can download them and print them for your use.

Most of these skits will make great skits for events such as campfire skits, boy scout skits, church skits, family skits or any time you need a good, short, funny skit.

These are great ice breakers and really grab people's attention. There's nothing like making people laugh to get them to warm up. This is a great campfire skit. Have three people hidden out in the woods where nobody can see, but where they can be heard. Have you guys noticed that this place has an echo to it? Yeah, it does. Listen to this. I told you. Let's try another one. This camp is the greatest camp ever!

Three voices in the woods say one at a time: I like my sandwiches with That was kind of strange, wasn't it?

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James Dugan insert your name or the name of a camp counselor or something that would be funny here is a great guy! The Candy Store is another of our short funny skits that we love. Ask two people from the audience to come on stage and have each participant hold one end of a scarf, rope or string. Have them stand in such a way as to form a table or counter while the main actor the candy store owner stands behind.

The candy store owner answers that he does not. We are completely out of 3 Musketeer bars.

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Again, the candy store owner claims to be out of the wanted candy. Finally in frustration the customer says, "I can't believe you don't have any of these candies! What kind of candy store are you running here anywhere? The candy store owner says, "I don't have any of those two candies, but I do have two suckers holding a string" as he points to the two audience members holding the string.

Please see our Terms of Use page for important information on the rules for using our skits and plays. The Echo This is a great campfire skit. One character is on stage and speaks a monologue as follows: Have you guys noticed that this place has an echo to it?

Three voices in the woods say Hello! Three voices in the woods say one at a time: This camp is the greatest camp ever! Here's another one.The simple sketches present drama in a fun, non-threatening way and require very little planning or memorization.

Written by a middle school teacher, these skits have been successfully used in classrooms and address many student needs such as building self-esteem, memorization, reading, speech, and elocution. The simplicity and versatility of these skits make it easy for you to use in any number of ways. Read more Quickly grab an appropriate skit for your drama class, insert a few minutes of drama into your regular classroom just for fun, or launch interesting discussions about topical issues like gossip or respect.

The introduction includes tips on how to cast and stage a skit, as well as how to adapt them for different age levels and even special needs students. The skits have casts of two to ten players and cover a wide variety of topics and drama styles, making these two- to four-minute sketches ideal for competitions, practice, or comedy revues.

Each short play provides the topic and a cast list, including short descriptions of each character, to make choosing the skit easier. Package pricing will not be reflected in your shopping cart, but we will manually adjust your invoice when we process your order.

Cast Size:. Running Time: Min. Email Address:.Reader's Theater Scripts and Plays. Readers Theater is a dramatic presentation of a written work in a script form. Readers read from a "script" and reading parts are divided among the readers. No memorization, costumes, blocking, or special lighting is needed.

Presentations can easily be done in a k-3 classroom. Scripts are held by the readers. Lines are not memorized. The focus is on reading the text with expressive voices and gestures. Making comprehending the text meaningful and fun for the student! Once you start Reader's Theater in your classroom you and your students will be loving it!!!

After a year, the children's gains had jumped to three years of growth. Griffith calls the transformation in their reading fluency totally remarkable. Update - July Plays and Scripts To Print and Read. The Legend of Lightning Larry. The Legend of Slappy Hooper. The Gifts of Wali Dad. Peddler Polly and the Story Stealer.

The Baker's Dozen. The Calabash Kids. How Frog Went to Heaven. Which Shoes Do You Choose? Casey at the Bat. Tackey The Penguin. Wemberly Worried. Around the Water Cycle.Presenting funny skits is all about harmless fun and bringing a smile on someone's face. Funny skit ideas are a sure shot at getting your audience in splits. Laughter, they say is the best medicine to keep stress-related worries at bay. Remembering this, everyday situations provide a lot of incidences that can be laughed about.

Hilarity ensures, when you tweak these incidences and present them in a whole new light. And the best way to do this, is to perform a skit that serves either as a goof-up or as a parody of the funny situation.

skit for students

A skit is a relatively short play which tends to be funny. Performing funny skits at summer camps, school programs, birthday parties or even at talent shows, are sure to garner attention to make it the highlight of the event.

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It provides a perfect opportunity to be silly, outrageous, poke fun at people and situations, and even goof-up current events. The Gist: A guy enters the stage looking up. He is followed by a second person, who follows suit. Now, the third person enters the stage. What do you think he does?

He too observes the other two and starts looking up. This continues until all the people join the bandwagon. This question continues until it reaches the first guy who started it all. Take a bow gentlemen! What do we have with us? They are joined by a young lad who stands a little distance away. He throws in his reel and waits. In a matter of seconds he is seen reeling in a good catch.

The other three men are amazed at the quickness of the catch and put it off as sheer luck. Minutes later the young boy is reeling in another catch, this continues for a couple of times. The boy responds Ru raffra reep re rorms rarm. Assuming it to be a foreign language they ask the young lad, Ru raffra reep what? The young lad reels in another catch saying, Ru raffra reep re rorms rarm.Please enjoy these free funny skits.

We are providing them in PDF format so that you can print out as many copies as you need for your actors. Frontier Mortician - a skit that has been around for quite a while and is absolutely hilarious. There are many one-liners in this skit and would be great for adults, seniors and older children.

Younger children would probably not understand a lot of the plays on words. The Invisible Bench - A short skit contributed by one of our readers. A silly short skit about a mule and a bandit. Zimmerman and Bubba - A retirement skit. These skits come from a variety of sources. Some have been around for ages. Some are newer. Some are our original skits, which we hope that you will enjoy. Some are written by you, our readers! See more info on this below. Skits are in great demand among many groups of people.

Senior citizens are actively looking for skits for their clubs and groups. Teachers often use skits in the classroom for teaching purposes. Churches, youth groups, etc.

Scouting troops, both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, are always looking for fresh new ideas. We are hoping to provide a huge resource for people to draw from for skit ideas and inspiration. We are even asking for your help in making this happen.

skit for students

You can see our form below for submitting skits that you know of or even your original skits. This can be a great writing assignment for a creative homeschooled child. I know there are many creative adults as well who would love to try their hand at playwriting.

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We are also looking for those good old standards that have been around for ages. These skits have stood the test of time so we know they are good and funny. So please send them to us!! We really appreciate it! Do you know a funny skit?

Teacher Skit Ideas

Have you written one yourself? We are always interested in your submissions. Please tell us your funny skits and we will add them to our website. Please be sure to tell us if it is an original you wrote or that you just know of. Your input makes our website better, so thank you!Part of being a teacher often includes preforming in skits for students or other faculty members.

Skits can be a part of assemblies, meetings, organized events or other classroom instruction. Often a skit can be an entertaining way to capture the attention of your students. Skits also provide a way to cover relevant and important information in a more memorable format than a lecture or traditional assembly.

There are a variety of ideas for skits that will appeal to all types of teachers and students. There are many TV shows, movies or other icons from popular culture that you can use in a skit. Try creating your own "American Idol" with students as the judges.

Have students create and submit the questions. Dressing up as recognizable characters or celebrities is also entertaining and good material for your show.

Use relevant stars that students would recognize, and impersonate them in your skit. Pick a theme to use as a base for your skit. For example, the teachers could act out a quest for a particular item or journey to a certain location. Use the purpose or goal of the skit to guide the theme. If your goal is to cover school rules, then try basing your skit on short anecdotes that illustrate what not to do. Have teachers pretend to be the students and students play the part of the teacher. Costumes also help center your skit on a theme.

Teachers can dress and act like mobsters, pirates or wizards. Decade clothing is also a popular choice for skits. Have teachers rehearse and practice a talent to perform. The talent could be serious or humorous, depending on the purpose of the skit.Great for high school students. We understand it can sometimes be difficult to search for and find a short play script.

Our short plays are original and contemporary, only published through Monologue Blogger. MB strives to consistently deliver new published works for students and drama classes around the world. Sally has had an ongoing issue with her friend, who always seems to be in some bad state of affairs. In this short play, Sally desires to work out the problem or get rid of her friend. During one particular visit she mentions how she wishes she can be reprogrammed…her therapist may be able to provide for her exactly what she asks for.

He has been keeping all of his emotions tied up inside himself and he makes an attempt at reaching out to his father for help. The two embark on traveling and living from motel to motel across the country, all while performing robberies and other criminal activity to survive. Nothing she seems to do make anything better and in fact only makes things worse.

The short play unfolds in the woods when another student from school takes notice of her and they talk. She is concerned that she has a serious problem and in this short play she opens up to a good friend about it. Skip to content. Monologue Blogger offers a wide range of monologues from plays.

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