It is time to show off the new generator. For them is that hack. Anti-ban method also IP that is changing every few seconds in private proxys makes your Perfect World Mobile account completly secure. Everything happens extremly rapidly and unnoticed. I am wished to fullfil the expectations. It is big news. Since today you can impress your freind and colegues.

Spend tousands Gold Ingots without spending anything. If the game will be updated our hack also will get updated. Think of this area, because you will be back. It is a excellent view to keep various systems in to the reputation. In building the personality, you will get proportions of things to consider.

We just want to advise people that people ought to pay attention to the weapons of your own identity. Generally, you can armed your figure with some weapons maximally.

We clearly urge you mix your systems with short-range with extended series, so to you can control all the situation in a battle. Close to the dose tools, you need to remain at least one defense weapon for you character. Laser shield is a better fine for the majority participants.

So if you have enough ignots, be sure to make this shield. So we talked about above, you need ignots chips to build your spirit.

Perfect World Mobile: All Redeem Codes and How To Find Them

Every player want to make haro chip as many as they can. But the reality is cruel. Once we make enough haro chip, we wish acquire many desired components quickly. Skip to content. Mobile Legends Adventure Cheats.You have a lot of bonuses that you can collect in this game, and there are plenty of events and giveaways, some of which are given away using redeem codes. A recent promotion has been done where readers of the forums can get a free code sent to them by the devs, allowing them to earn free goodies.

This is a Iimited-time promotion, but it is likely to be one that returns frequently, too. Unlike the limited time events above, this survey is something that will last throughout the life of the game. Follow the game and the company on every form of social media. The reason for the social media emphasis is that this is usually the first place that giveaways and codes are announced.

You can also find the latest contests here, in which the developers provide the winners with some excellent rewards. Be sure to check all of the social media platforms, not just one of them. Another good source for codes is in the review sections of the App Store and of the Google Play Store. Simply go to the app download page for this game, look around, and look up and down the list of reviews.

Wow there are hundreds of them, you may come across some that contain codes for this game. Another great place to check for codes is on video sharing and streaming sites, such as YouTube and Twitch. Content creators and streamers who center on mobile games often end up receiving exclusive codes to be shared with their audience, as a method of promotion used by the developers.

So take advantage of their promotional methods and you might be able to find codes. Make sure to follow the in-game news feeds, so that you know what new events are about to come up, what events are currently taking place, and what new events to watch out for. Any time that a new event comes up, you can be sure that a new set of redeem codes is about to come with it. We have already listed a couple of sure fire way is to find codes in this game. As of right now, there are no set permanent codes that have yet been released by the developers, but using the methods above, you can find your own personal individualized codes and redeem them for prizes.

As always, comment in the comment section if you find any good redeem codes and you want to share them! Last Updated on October 9, Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Iconic One Theme Powered by Wordpress.New to the Perfect World Mobile game? This guide covers how to play Perfect World Mobile game, about the classes, skills, leveling, and other things such as in-game currency farming, equipment, and much more.

There are five classes featured in the Perfect World Mobile game. And, each class offers unique skills, attack style, buffs, etc. For example — some classes excel in dealing damage to the enemies — opting this type of class helps you to deal massive damage to the enemies and you can clear the waves in PvE modes quickly. While some classes excel in other states such as soaking damage tanksupporting healingclose-combat melee DPSetc.

Focus on completing the quests to get free EXP and level up fast. At the top-left side of the game screen, tap the scroll icon which expands the quest — a new quest window will open where you can check active and available quests.

Most of these quests give you free silver coins, spirit, and EXP. Find the quests which grant EXP to the character and complete them asap to level up quickly.

On the left side of the mini-map, tap the events option, and head to the EXP tab — there you can check all the EXP grinding events that you can play any time. These events are: —. Want to know about leveling up? Secondly, configure the skills — you have lots of skills to choose, but the skill slots are limited. You can pick a certain number of skills only. Make sure to choose the best skills for each character class to get the most out of it.

To configure the skill, go to the skill menu and hit the skill config. On the next screen, you can quickly configure the best skills for your character. The next thing is to enhance skills. It will cost you silver coins and spirit. Complete the quests to earn silver coins and spirit. Make sure to spend the spirit wisely — only on the skills that you use. By refining the gears using mirage stone, engraving the charm rage charm, maiming charm, energizer charm, sharpness charmand by equipping and upgrading the soulstones, you can upgrade the equipment.

Enhancing or upgrading the equipment is one of the best ways to power up a character in Perfect World Mobile game. Apply for an active guild if you have created a guild and looking for members, feel free to comment your guild name and server info in the comment section below.

You should apply for an active guild because there are lots of perks you get for free. These perks include the entry in guild quests, guild events, guild contribution points, etc. Participate in all these activities to get rich rewards. During the battle, you can use the selected item instantly. For example — when low on HP, use the HP potions to recover the health. Keep playing the game to get these items. In Perfect World Mobile, you will need lots of items or in-game currency to power up the character.

Most of these items or in-game currencies can be obtained by playing the event modes. So make sure to participate in each event mode and grab all the free items. At the top of the screen, tap the benefit available button and there you can claim free rewards; log in reward, online reward, level up milestone reward, and redeem the codes. For example — you can get the free silver ingot by playing Perfect World Mobile for 45 minutes.

Go to the Artifact menu and tap on the challenges listed on the right side. Read the details and hit the Go button. In these challenges, you participate in the events and get certificates. Once you collect a certain number of certificates, you get a free artifact powerful equipment for your character class.Having played games by Perfect World Entertainment myself for about 10 years, I can safely say that they are not sparring anything when it comes to bringing a good and enjoyable experience to mobile devices.

So without further ado, let us dive right into the Perfect World Mobile tips and tricks and give you a complete guide on how to get better, right here below! Pick the right starting class for your style. Depending on how you like to play the game, there are a few ways to go about this. In the game there are a few classes, and if you played MMOs before, then you might already have a preference when it comes to the class that you can play.

Luckily, Perfect World Mobile has five classes, as follows:. The Archer is a ranged damage dealer. If you are new to the game, I would suggest that you go for something relatively easy, such as the Archer or Blademaster.

I consider them to be easier to play and understand overall, while the medium difficulty classes I consider to be the Barbarian and Wizard. If you want a fast way to level up or at least, a quite fast way, because honestly speaking leveling is pretty painfully slow then you should focus mainly on doing the main quests. While you are completing these main quests, you will start unlocking various in game content.

Now there are a few quest types, and depending on that you can learn more about how it will affect your EXP earnings. These quests are not related to the main story, and they will reward you with EXP and gold mostly, or other useful items for your character.

These quests are also some optional quests, but they are somewhat related to the main ones. The [O] quests will give you EXP, but they are super good for also claiming other rewards, such as currency and gears, depending on the quest. Some of them are also daily quests, so they can be completed once per day, every day! These are super important, so whenever you have one available, make sure you do it! In game you will have some of these optional quests listed as daily quests.

This will mean that every single day that you complete that quest, you will gain EXP. Since these tasks are made to help you level up quickly, I suggest that you do them every single day. These tasks are dungeons and quests which yo can only complete once per day, and I suggest that you try focusing on doing them daily.

If you do your daily tasks every single day, along with several main quests a day, then you will progress constantly and soon enough you will be among the top level people in the server! Notice that some of the events are limited to certain days, while others are only available during certain times. Make sure that you try to log when the time events are on, such as the Celestial Hunt, because it will give you very good EXP. As you start off in the game, you will not really have a lot of good gears, but instead quite the opposite.

There you will be able to take part in various dungeons which will reward you with equipment. You will have limited times to do this every day, so make sure that you do it to get better equipment! Avoid the red carpets while battling. Every time that you are in a battle with a boss or whatnot, you will notice that the bosses can cast some skills. Make sure you dodge this, because it will end up being quite bad if you get hit by some super powerful boss monster end game, since they do a lot of damage and if you are not playing a tank, then you might even die.

Perfect World Mobile guide: tips, cheats & strategies

Whenever you joined a party, make sure that you try to befriend the people in it so that you can add them again and again! I suggest that you always check out your bag, because at start you will pick up quite a lot of stuff, and not all of it will be very useful.

Also, you will not have a lot of bag slots early on, so it might be quite bad to keep all of it cluttered with useless items. For example, when you open your bag you will see that you can unlock more slots, but at start they are all locked. If you want to unlock them, you will need Silver Ingots for 5 slots, so you can imagine that to unlock all of them you can only do it in time, or by spending real money on the game.

I suggest that you unlock the next 5 slots however, for Silver Ingots, because they will come in handy for when you are adventuring into the dungeons and you start picking up a lot of drops.The game was a huge success, and the developers are aiming to provide the same experience today, with modern graphics and on a modern platform.

A staple in every MMORPG is the character creation phase, you can pick between 3 races: the Human, the Untamed, and the Winged Elf; each race has access to different classes, and every class plays differently, before taking a more in-depth look to each class, a note for beginners: melee classes are easier to play than ranged classes, and magic and control classes are slightly harder than pure fighting classes, lastly, healers are the hardest class to play.

Not all classes from the original game are available on the mobile version. By picking the Winged Elf race you will be able to play either as an Archer or as a Cleric. As the names suggest, Archers specialize in ranged combat, and are very agile and move quickly, they are also very versatile when it comes to picking how to build them up, whereas Clerics are all about healing and supporting their teammates through their powerful spells; they can even revive their teammates.

The Untamed race only has access to a single class: the Barbarian, a relentless warrior that is able to take a lot of punishment and to soak all of the damage for his backline. Barbarians are also exceptional at chasing wounded enemies, and they rely on their brute strength when they attack. The Human race can play either as a Wizard or as a Blademaster.

Offensively, they are able to hit multiple enemies at once with their abilities, and even add a bit of control like stuns to fights. You can modify everything: hairstyle, the eyes, the mouth, the nose, and just about everything else.

After you will be done with this tutorial you will find yourself as a mere level 1 character with only 1 ability unlocked, and you will have to work yourself back up to the point you were during the tutorial. As with every MMORPG, questing will be your main source of experience, just follow the various quests the game gives you, and you will find yourself leveling up very quickly.

Dungeons are also a great source of experience, I have leveled up a lot simply by clearing the various dungeons specifically the Phoenix Valley early on with the Automatching feature, as it put me in a party of higher level people who helped me out and made me earn levels in the first runs, which was very helpful, since I was only around level 17 back then.

This allowed me to get to level 30, which made clearing the rest of the content that much faster. One of them is your equipment, which you acquire by slaying monsters in the various dungeons. Higher difficulty dungeons will provide higher level gear, but you will need a powerful party to clear the hardest dungeons, and everyone will have to pull their weight, or you will not be able to clear these dungeons.

codes for perfect world mobile

Refining costs Mirage Stones and Silver Coins. There is a success rate for each refining, which determines how likely you are to see your item actually increase its level, failure will mean you lost the resources you spent on the refining forever.

codes for perfect world mobile

Another thing you can do is adding Soulstones to your equipment, a special material that will increase the stats of the infused weapon even more. Not all items can be infused with Soulstones.

Levels and gear are important, but there are even more ways to improve your character, and one of these is through the Skill system. There are three different categories for your skills: Base, Inspired, and Attuned.

Base skills are the 3 skills your class has access to. Inspired skills come from when your character reaches the Inspired status, which is achieved through Cultivation. Lastly, the Attuned status is also achieved through Cultivation, it gets unlocked at level 19, and it unlocks one extra ability for your character. Of course, the higher your Cultivation level, the more powerful your skill are, so an Attuned skill will always be better than an Inspired skill, and the same goes for Inspired vs Base skills.

Furthermore, in the skills menu you can upgrade your skills. Upgrading skills costs Spirit and Silver Coins, two currencies you can farm easily by slaying monsters.

These statuses are reached by leveling up, they start from level 9 for the Inspired status and you access the next level every 10 level, so you are Attuned at level 19, Savvy at level 29, and so on. You need to complete Cultivation missions to earn points to increase the levels of the different bonuses in every cultivated status. These abilities will improve your non-fighting abilities, and will improve what you get by doing them, for example you will be able to find rarer fish with a higher level in your fishing ability, or you will be able to create better potions with a higher level in Alchemy.

Leveling them up requires you to join a Guild, as it costs you guild coins.

codes for perfect world mobile

Guilds are at the heart of every MMORPG experience; they are groups of people who share the same goal: progressing through the game while having fun with other people.

Guilds are what allow you to learn and improve your Life skills, since improving them costs guild coins also called Contribution. Guilds give you the benefit of knowing what to expect when you enter a dungeon with guildmates, and you know there will always be someone you need there. It might be hard to find players for certain classes at specific times of the day, but with a Guild this problem can at least be worked around.

MMORPGs are all about the grind, but luckily the usual bonuses that come with mobile games come to help us out in this game as well.

The game showers us in rewards, since it just recently opened, and we can get some exquisite rewards. You also get draws by playing Perfect World Mobile, up to 3 per day, this is also a bonus active because of the launch of the game.The game is free-to-play and is monetized through the freemium model. Gold ingots are used to get scrolls, stones, outfits and much more.

Gold ingots are quite important in the game, but buying them can be quite an expensive endeavor. But what if you could obtain gold ingots without having to spend a dime? There are several sites out there that offer cheat codes or hack tools. They claim that you can use the tools they offer on their site to obtain thousands of Gold Ingots within minutes completely for free.

But is that really the case? Could getting free Gold Ingots really be that simple or are they nothing more than a waste of time? We decided to put them to the test to once and for all find out if they really work or not.

Usually they offer you a generator that looks something like this:. As you can see in the screenshot, it looks pretty basic but believable enough.

We found several websites that all offer generators or hacks similar to the screenshot you see above and we tested them all. They do not work at all! These websites try really hard to convince you that their generator will work. This proof can be in the form of screenshots, videos, a recent activity log or sometimes even a live chat box. But do not let that fool you, the proof is just as fake as the generator itself. Think about it, if getting free gold ingots was really as simple as typing your username in a generator and pressing a few buttons the developers of the game would patch it in no time and ban any account that had used it.

In addition to the websites that offer gold ingots generators there are also those that offer cheat codes.

codes for perfect world mobile

They have codes displayed on their websites that you can supposedly use to unlock any in-app purchase in Perfect World Mobile for free. However, while these cheat codes might look legitimate, they are not. You cannot enter cheat codes anywhere in Perfect World Mobile!

The codes these sites provide you with are nothing more than a randomly generated string of numbers and letters, so they are completely useless. There are no working cheat codes for Perfect World Mobile. Want to learn more? Our guide works on both the Android and iOS version of the game without the need to root or jailbreak your phone.

Oh, and best of all, the guide is available completely for free with no human verification required! We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.Cleric from EU From a hiding place in the dungeon, our passion has been ignited! Blademaster from SA Happy Anniversary! Vulpine from OC Really like wandering together throughout Archosaur City, and I can't wait to see what happens next!

Wizard from US I love those dungeons as well as my beautiful homestead! Blademaster from SA We laugh, love, fight, and fly. All in PWM! I will always be thankful for leading me to my soulmate. Barbarian from SA Set off on our little adventures together in the coming new year! Assassin Wizard Blademaster Cleric Archer Barbarian Vulpine Assassin Untamed DPS Assassinations The assassin is a adorit and stealthy character, capable of sneaking up on their opponents before delivering horrific bursts of damage using their twin daggers to skewer and control their foes.

Wizard Human Damage Burst The Wizards eliminate hordes of monsters with devastating area attacks that burst massive damage. They keep the team away from lethal outcomes while boosting firepower, but are also capable of unleashing powerful magics against the enemy. Very-long range attacks, excellent solo ability and superb flexibility characterize this class.

Barbarian Untamed Tank Pursuit The Barbarians have two forms: the tiger form boasts its physical strength to block the enemy's damage while the human form has the power to tremble the earth. Vulpine Untamed Damage Debuff The Vulpines can shift between both human and bestial forms much akin to the Barbarian, and alike the Barbarian, each of these forms offer different advantages and abilities.

Additionally, Vulpines can tame powerful and exotic pets for use in battle.

How to Redeem Code on Perfect World VNG

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